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Backup by Underside.

Data security is at the heart of the news.


Saving your data on a disk is one solution. It's simple but you can forget about it, and if it's attached to the computer and it's lost or stolen, the disk disappears with it.


An alternative is the use of a Cloud. The data is no longer close to the computer, but you have to remember to check that the backup is running, this is often more difficult to set up and you may wonder where your data is and whether it is really secure.


The fear of losing hundreds of working hours can become a major concern and a daily stress. This is why we at Underside have thought long and hard about the best way to alleviate these problems.


This is how Backup by Underside was born. A solution 100% thought out and designed for Apple machines, Underside being the reference for years on the subject. Simple and secure, this application backs up your sensitive data on a dedicated Cloud, in Europe, and support from our experts is offered to answer your questions and assist you in all circumstances.


- Storage space for your data in Europe.

- Installation and initial configuration.

- Application updates.

- Maximum security by encrypting the data transported from one end to the other.

- Human support in case of problems.


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