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Keynote présentation

Are you looking for speakers for your events? 

Christophe and Hélène, our two coaches from Design Thinking and Fantastic 4, consultants in digital transformation, are at your disposal to address topics related to entrepreneurship, digital marketing, digital transformation, innovation or collaborative approaches and to educate your audience!

The coaches 

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Christophe Degraeve.

From the age of five, Christophe learned to read and write on a computer.

A fan of new technologies, artificial intelligence and pop-culture, he is now an entrepreneur in the digital world and founder and CEO of Underside since March 2000.

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Hélène Dassy.

A graduate in Management Engineering at the University of Namur, Hélène and her inspiring idealism joined Underside in 2017. Two years later, she joined forces with Christophe at the same time as Olivier and Maxence to become more involved in the future of the digital agency.

We participated in it.

Digital Impact Day

Event organized by CETIC in Charleroi on the theme of digital transformation.

Christophe and Hélène were invited as speakers to address the theme of the digital transformation of companies using the Design Thinking method.


ELLE Forum Active

Event dedicated to women entrepreneurs.

Christophe and Hélène were present to lead workgroups and raise awareness of the use of Design Thinking to rethink your business and make it grow.


The night of inspiring entrepreneurs

Event organized by Event4biz at Chant d'Eole.

Christophe was invited as a speaker to talk about his career as an entrepreneur.



Private event organized by Batenborch and intended for around ten companies.

Christophe and Hélène's mission was to address digital transformation while giving concrete examples of innovation.


Ecofin Club

Event organized by Ecofin Club in Gerpinnes.

Christophe was invited as a speaker for a conference on "No Bullshit", aiming to retrace his journey as an entrepreneur by highlighting not only the successes but also the difficulties encountered.


Underside's Events

For several years now, Underside has been organizing its own events on very specific themes: Design Thinking, our Display solution, AR and VR in business, etc. Christophe and Hélène address these subjects on stage by giving concrete examples and interacting with the guests.


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