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IT Services.

Sys in the pocket.

This is a success factor in the digital transformation. Once the digital experience is conceptualised and realised, the next step is to ensure that it is seamlessly integrated into the company's infrastructure.


Reliability, data security and efficiency are all essential qualities for the implementation of new uses. 
We deliver these services for the integration of digital solutions without leaving anything to chance.

The love of detail is a deep part of our DNA.


Our services include: 

- The management of your networks

- The centralised management of your devices

- The installation, integration and configuration of your devices

- A 24-hour support and maintenance of your infrastructure

- The consultancy and analysis of your infrastructure

Support informatique à distance

68€ / mois / machine

Accompagnement couvrant les demandes techniques ponctuelles des utilisateurs à distance de 9h à 17h durant les jours ouvrés Underside. Ce support est lié au numéro de série d'une machine.

Maintenance préventive

72€ / mois / machine

Licence permettant le suivi de l'évolution des machines couvrant la sécurité, l'intégrité des machines, les mises à jour et leur évolution


15€ / mois / machine

Licence protégeant la machine des malwares

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