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Do you find it difficult to highlight information about your workspaces?

The update must be regular and you wish to optimise the steps?

You have the feeling that you could save time by operating differently?

By stopping using paper when technology solutions exist?

We have the solution that will not only make you saving time and money, but also make your offices more dynamic, attract more attention, welcome your visitors and give more visibility to your messages.

Are you curious? Would you like to meet us to discuss it?

Our door is always open.


Fall for our solutions.

The license alone starting at 25€/month.

The single screen with license starting at 49€/month. 

The Monolith with license starting at 99€/month. 

The 4-screens multiscreen with licenses starting at 229€/month.

Your tailor-made multiscreen on demand.


Si vous souhaitez commander une solution Display ou avoir plus d'informations, on se retrouve ci-dessous.

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