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Fantastic 4.

Are you currently facing any challenges?

Are you more likely to see a situation as an opportunity to reflect on your activities and transform yourself?

Are you result-oriented and wish to approach your challenges in an innovative, human and collaborative way?

We offer you a four-step method to help you in your digital transformation, that should appeal to you. Guided by experts, to quickly move to practice. And this, thanks to methods of ideation to guide you towards the best possible solutions.

Inspired by Design Thinking, it is a human and collaborative approach based on the co-creation of value, aiming at identifying needs through the points of view of the different participants. Once the needs have been defined, the coaches take part in discussions and ideas in order to guide the exchanges and bring their expertise of the digital world as an added value. The method is meant to be straight-to-the-point and paced, so as to move very quickly from the conceptual to the practical through the prototype of the selected ideas. 

The different stages of Fantastic 4.


Emphatic phase, to understand the situation and gather your needs.


Definition of the issue and needs.


Challenge, brainstorming.


Elaboration of a road map.

Our experts in the digital transformation.


From the age of five, Christophe learns to read and write on a computer. A fan of new technologies, artificial intelligence and pop-culture, he is today an entrepreneur of the digital world and founder and CEO of Underside since March 2000.



With a degree in Management Engineering from the University of Namur, Hélène and her inspiring idealism will join Underside in 2017. Two years later, she joined forces with Christophe to become more involved in the future of the digital agency.

Why use this methodology?


To optimise the projects and flows through continuous improvement.



To reduce the risk inherent in a digital transformation project.



To generate innovative ideas and market disruption.

Implementation of adapted solutions, thanks to our experts.



Are you tempted by a session of Fantastic 4? Want more information? Fill out the form below.


They trust us.

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