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Let's change the way we operate.

At the present time, it has become essential to transform ourselves. To define new ways of working.

To be more efficient, to ensure that humans can concentrate on tasks with real added value, but also to offer an even better and more optimal customer experience.

Digital transformation is much more than digitalisation. 

It is the use of digital tools to really transform ourselves.

With this in mind, we offer you products that will allow you to optimise the way you operate while enhancing your customer experience.

transformation digiale

Our products.

Display, our digital signage solution.


Display by Underside is our remote screen management solution. Everything is centralised to save you time. The interface is simple and intuitive and allows you to broadcast information, images, videos in your workspaces, waiting rooms, showrooms or other spaces in just a few clicks. Display can be used on single screens, multiscreens, but also on our two supports made by Underside, our Monolith and our Coffee Table.

Backup, our data backup solution on a Cloud.


Backup by Underside is our solution designed for Apple machines only that will allow you to protect your files on a dedicated cloud, in an ultra simple, fast and secure way.

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