UX / UI.

UX and UI are two very important things in graphic design. What is the difference, but more importantly, what is it? 

In the field of graphic and ergonomic interface design, UX refers to the user experience, whereas UI refers to the user interface. 

UX consists of the analysis of the user's experience when browsing a website or a mobile application, for example. The role of the UX designer is to improve and optimise the user experience. The UX includes all possible means put in place to design this graphic interface, always keeping in mind the need to respond to users' needs and optimise their experience and perception of it.

The UI part relates more specifically to the design of the graphical interface itself. The objective is to improve the interactions that a user will have with the interface in question. The UI designer will be in charge of creating an interface that is visually pleasing but also useful to users. The ergonomics of the interface is at the heart of the reflection. The various graphic elements are positioned in such a way as to facilitate navigation on the website or mobile application for the internet user.

The two are complementary in order to offer an optimal user experience, nothing should be left to chance. The UX focuses on the emotional aspect of the user experience while the UI focuses on the ergonomic and practical aspect of navigation.

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